About the Guide

The FLUX Chemical Resistance Guide (CRG or ChemGuide) has been developed for use by FLUX distributors and their qualified personnel. The information supplied in this guide is based on recommendations by our suppliers, reports from our clients and over 60 years of experience gained by our engineering staff. The successful operation of pumps does not only depend on the chemical resistance of their materials and the seals, but a multiplicity of further factors must be considered. Even slight variations of a liquid (e.g. impurities) may have a great influence on the chemical resistance of this product. If there are no particular indications given in this guide, the information is based on commercial purity and concentration.The data in this guide has been subjected to the highest degree of scrutiny. Nevertheless, as the name suggests, the data should only serve as a guide.

The data is provided as is and there is no warranty or representation, neither expressed nor implied, that they are free from errors. FLUX shall not be liable for any damages of any kind that may result from the use of this data. If in doubt, especially for new and unknown applications, we kindly request that you contact us for further verification.

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