• Used to transfer high-viscosity fluids which are just capable of flowing
  • Gentle handling of product
  • Leaves less than 1% of residual product in the drum (without a liner)
  • Lightweight for simple transport
  • Quick to install and easy to clean
  • Available with ATEX certification

Materials of Construction

ViscoFLUX Lite

  • Pump Centering Plate: PVDF
  • Follower Plate: 316Ti Stainless Steel
  • Process Seal: Options: NBR and FKM


ViscoFLUX Lite

  • For use with 54mm 39in high-viscosity pumps
  • Air or electric options for pump motor
  • For industrial and sanitary applications
  • Flows to 12 GPM (depending on viscosity)

Dimensional Drawings

ViscoFLUX Lite


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